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MagnaPharm has become a new exclusive partner for distribution and promotion of French innovative dermocosmetic brand ACM in Czech and Slovak Republic

May 16th, 2020

MagnaPharm and Laboratoire Dermatologique ACM have entered into an exclusive distribution and promotion agreement of ACM dermocosmetic brand on the Czech and Slovak market. MagnaPharm is aware of the importance of improving patients' access to suitable and effective products in the field of dermocosmetics and therefore MagnaPharm announces the launch of seven new innovative ranges of dermocosmetic products from Laboratoire Dermatologique ACM.

Laboratoire Dermatologique ACM was created with the willing to offer products capable of treating the most common issues dermatologists are consulted for and which are suitable for all skin types. As a dermatology specialist, for more than 20 years ACM has developed medicines, cosmetics products, food supplements and medical devices that provide innovative solution for the most common skin needs. With an emphasis on efficacy and quality, they have initiated many research projects, leading to registration of several patents and enabling them to provide targeted and effective products, that restore healthy skin and healthy hair.

In the first wave of launch, MagnaPharm brings 7 product ranges to the market with a total of 22 products. The key products of the portfolio for the summer season will be products from the Dépiwhite and Vitix Viticolor ranges, which fight with pigment spots and skin hypopigmentation. Furthermore, we can find in the portfolio products for hair and nail care, anti-aging treatment, products for oily skin and skin with imperfections and specific products such as Trigopax for redness and skin irritations and Molutrex treatment against Molluscum contagiosium.

All products are developed in close cooperation with dermatologists around the world, are highly innovative with proven clinical studies and five patents. Therefore, at MagnaPharm, we truly believe that the launch of the ACM dermocosmetic brand will contribute to improve the quality of life, give confidence to users and make ACM dermocosmetics a part of the everyday life of and Czech Slovak patients.

“We are very happy and proud to announce new partnership between ACM and MagnaPharm Czech Republic & Slovakia.  We would like to relaunch the entire portfolio within both countries and fully leverage the potential of this attractive portfolio with beautiful brand positioning. We would like to replicate great success of ACM like we achieved in other countries of our company. I strongly believe we can find many new consumers that will appreciate this winning combination of great product propositions with scientific support and excellent quality. We look forward to working with ACM and creating long-term partnership that will result in sustainable and profitable growth for both companies.”

Miroslav Karas, General Manager MagnaPharm Czech Republic & Slovakia