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MagnaPharm and Pharmanovia enter into a Distribution and Promotion Services Agreement

MagnaPharm and Pharmanovia have entered into a Distribution and Promotion Services Agreement for Bonviva®, Tenoretic® and Tenormin® products in Central & Eastern Europe including 5 countries. MagnaPharm is aware of the importance of improving patients' access to suitable and effective products in the fields of cardiology and osteoporosis.

MagnaPharm with proven track records and existing network is the ideal candidate to partner with Pharmanovia and introduce products in CEE region.

MagnaPharm is one of leading players in both, Rx and OTC segments of pharmaceutical market in CEE and offers an excellent platform to distribute and promoting Pharmanovia’s brands.

“We are excited and very proud to announce our partnership with Pharmanovia. For more than three decades we are very successful in marketing of branded Rx and premium OTC pharmaceuticals in CEE region. Partnership with Pharmanovia will help us to maintain and grow MagnaPharm’s strong presence in CEE pharmaceutical market. We look forward to working with Pharmanovia in achieving our milestones and increasing standards of care”

Karol Michalak, CEO MagnaPharm

” An important part of our strategy is partnering with likeminded companies who are as committed as we are to ensuring medicines get to the patients who need them. In MagnaPharm we have a partner who has deep knowledge of the CEE pharmaceutical landscape and understands the needs of healthcare professionals and their patients in market.”

Phillip Semmens, CCO Pharmanovia

About MagnaPharm

MagnaPharm is a premier pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare service provider in Central & Eastern Europe. MagnaPharm is the partner of choice on the Central and Eastern Europe pharmaceutical market, offering a unique and full range of services on the distribution, marketing, sales, pharmaceutical retail, market access, pricing and medical services segments. MagnaPharm is going an extra mile to fulfil the demands of its reputable partners, multinational and specialty international pharmaceutical companies that have decided not to operate directly in CEE or already operating in CEE but outsourcing parts of their portfolios. MagnaPharm operates in all main CEE countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo and North Macedonia.

For more info about MagnaPharm, please visit www.magnapharm.eu

About Pharmanovia and Pharmanovia’s brands.

Pharmanovia is a global lifecycle management healthcare company. Our purpose is to make medicines fit for tomorrow, to improve the lives of patients globally.

We do this by enhancing established medicines by rediscovering, repurposing or re-engineering iconic brands to improve patient outcomes and experiences both through in-house development and strategic partnerships.

Our diverse and growing team operate in over 160 countries across the globe, delivering high-quality solutions, ethically and sustainably, across our four core therapeutic areas – Endocrinology, Neurology, Cardiovascular and Oncology.

For more information about Pharmanovia, please visit www.pharmanovia.com