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MagnaPharm and Belupo Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Inc. enter into an exclusive partnership for the distribution and promotion of key Belupo brands in Poland.

June 2020 


MagnaPharm and Belupo Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Inc. have entered into an Exclusive Distribution and Promotion Agreement of Belupo’s brands in the territory of Poland. Partnership is covering distribution and promotion of brands such as Beloderm, Belogent, Belosalic, Belcura, Afloderm and other Belupo’s Rx specialty brands. Flagship of the cooperation are established and proven dermatology products, Belogent and Belosalic. Belogent and Belosalic are topical corticosteroid products for treatment of inflammatory dermatosis, available in forms of ointment, creme and lotion. Belosalic is indicated for treatment of psoriasis and is particularly efficient in treatment of hyperkeratotic and dry dermatosis. Belogent is approved for treatment of localized dermatosis with concomitant bacterial infection. With established leading position in dermatology, Belupo’s dermatology products are perceived as standard of care in a range of severe dermatological diseases, in psoriasis and in all types of dermatitis, including atopical dermatitis and photodermatitis. Belupo with its dermatology portfolio is established as leading partner of dermatology community in Belupo’s home market Croatia and across CEE and CIS area, in Slovenia, Serbia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. MagnaPharm is one of leading players in both, Rx and OTC segments of pharmaceutical market in CEE and offers an excellent platform to further grow Belupo dermatology portfolio and new Belupo Rx specialty brands. Total dermatology market in Poland is EUR 130 million annually.

“We are excited and proud to announce our partnership with Belupo Pharmaceutical. For more than a decade we are very successful in marketing of unique Rx and premium OTC pharmaceuticals in Poland. Dermatology is one of our core Rx therapeutical fields we develop strategically around the whole MagnaPharm geography. We target to become a leading regional dermatology player. Belupo’s efficient and high-quality brands and its strong marketing expertise in dermatology perfectly fits with our existing portfolio structure. We believe we are creating a great base to further growth of existing sales of Belupo brands and to efficiently launch new Belupo’s Rx brands in Poland. The cooperation will help us to maintain and grow MagnaPharm’s strong presence in Polish pharmaceutical market. We look forward to working with Belupo in achieving our milestones and increasing standards of care in dermatology.”

Karol Michalak, CEO MagnaPharm

About MagnaPharm 

MagnaPharm is a premier pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare service provider in Central & Eastern Europe. MagnaPharm is the partner of choice on the Central and Eastern Europe pharmaceutical market, offering a unique and full range of services on the distribution, marketing, sales, pharmaceutical retail, market access, pricing and medical services segments. MagnaPharm is going an extra mile to fulfill the demands of its reputable partners, multinational and specialty international pharmaceutical companies that have decided not to operate directly in CEE or already operating in CEE but outsourcing parts of their portfolios. MagnaPharm operates in all main CEE countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia with plans to expand its coverage in the nearest future. For more info about MagnaPharm, please visit: www.magnapharm.eu


About Belupo Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Inc.

Belupo Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Inc. is one of leading Croatian pharmaceutical company, which apart from Croatia, operates in 18 European countries. Belupo is committed to maintaining of its strong position in Rx and OTC segments and to development and launch new products with stronger expansion in OTC segment, both regionally and globally. Belupos's vision is to become one of leading pharmaceutical companies in Central and Eastern Europe. Belupo have been manufacturing drugs since 1971 and was expanding its manufacturing capabilities through several significant greenfield investments, with last one finished in 2017, the new solid and semi-solid plants. Mid-term Belupo’s strategic goal is further expansion into CEE and SEE markets, especially the CIS countries, with more focus on several new therapeutic groups and further diversification of the current portfolio. For more information, please visit https://www.belupo.hr